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On the way to new inventions and discoveries, which explorers have always made, one does not always need impressive technology; sometimes a bed inclined down at the head end by six degrees is sufficient.

Often, a concession of scientists and medical staff march in and out of the participants' rooms — which are usually open — to administer various experiments — to transport them via gurney to the experiments in the nearby modules of the aerospace medicine research facility: envihab. This is a big problem for space exploration and requires countermeasures to be implemented during such missions. Strict bedrest and spinning — how do they fit together?

The participants complete their training on the DLR short-arm human centrifuge every day during their 60 days of bedrest. Navigating a spacecraft through the endless expanse of the cosmos and performing difficult manoeuvres under adverse conditions to dock safely with the Space Station — what sounds like the childhood dream of any hobby astronaut is in fact a routine task for participants in the AGBRESA bed-rest study. Learning how to control a spacecraft with six degrees of freedom or 6df, to use the more usual term, is one of the numerous experiments that study participants are required to complete.

Today is 29 April.


I was last outdoors enjoying the fresh air and my last rays of sunshine on 29 March. This means that I have now been here for a month, including 17 days of lying down.

So, as of today, the first third of the study is behind me and I will soon have completed one third of the lying down phase! Although all of us here are looking forward to the end of our bed-rest, I am already sure that we will all miss this adventure and will never forget it. Cookies help us to provide our services. By using our website you agree that we can use cookies. Read more about our Privacy Policy and visit the following link: Privacy Policy.

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He is coordinating the vision of a group of international scientists, doctors and engineers for validating the implementation of artificial gravity for long-duration, exploratory missions. Artificial Gravity. William H. View all.

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