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Every year the nearly billion trees in the Amazon rain forest and all the creatures that depend on them are drenched in seven feet of rain — four times the annual rainfall in London.

This deluge is partly due to geographical serendipity. Intense equatorial sunlight speeds the evaporation of water from sea and land to sky, trade winds bring moisture from the ocean, and bordering mountains force incoming air to rise, cool and condense. Rain forests happen where it happens to rain. Life in the Amazon does not simply receive rain — it summons it. All of that lush vegetation releases 20 billion tons of water vapor into the sky every day.

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Trees saturate the air with gaseous compounds and salts. Fungi exhale plumes of spores.

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The wind sweeps bacteria, pollen, leaf fragments and bits of insect shells into the atmosphere. The wet breath of the forest, peppered with microbes and organic residues, creates ideal conditions for rain. With so much water in the air and so many minute particles on which the water can condense, rain clouds quickly form.

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  6. The Amazon sustains much more than itself, however. All of the water that gushes upward from the Amazon forms an enormous flying river, which brings precipitation to farms and cities throughout South America.

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    Some scientists have concluded that through long-range atmospheric ripple effects the Amazon contributes to rainfall in places as far away as Canada. Much of this ecology has only recently been discovered or understood. We now have compelling evidence that microbes are involved in numerous geological processes; some scientists think they played a role in forming the continents.

    Ocean plankton drive chemical cycles on which all other life depends and emit gases that increase cloud cover, altering global climate. Humans are the most extreme example of a creature transforming Earth. One of the many obstacles to reckoning with global warming is the stubborn notion that humans are not powerful enough to affect the entire planet.

    In truth, we are far from the only creatures with such power, nor are we the first species to devastate the global ecosystem. The history of life on Earth is the history of life remaking Earth. Faced with this preponderance of evidence, it is time to revive an idea that was once roundly mocked: the Gaia hypothesis. Although this bold idea found an enthusiastic audience among the general public, many scientists criticized and ridiculed it.

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    Over time, however, scientific opposition to Gaia waned. I am the one who secretly decides what evil things happen, but you never called me to join in and show off my own powers. But you can make it up to me. Go away now and in the morning meet me in the pit by the river in hell.

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    Macbeth will go there to learn his destiny. You bring your cauldrons, your spells, your charms, and everything else. I have a lot to do before noon. An important droplet is hanging from the corner of the moon. When I work it over with magic spells, the drop will produce magical spirits that will trick Macbeth with illusions. Test your knowledge Take the Act 3, scenes Quick Quiz.

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