Das Geheimnis von Holbrook House (Mystery Series) (German Edition)

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Especially considering he Alexander used to be in a comedy duo, he didn't make me laugh very much if ever. I found the first ten or so funny, and the last fifteen give or take I got the occasional laugh from the ones in the middle, but I found myself skipping through a quite a few pages because they were just a bit boring. I enjoyed the quizzes and Pointless facts, but it would have been much more convenient if the answers were up-side down at the bottom of the page, instead of at the end of the book. I know that wouldn't have been good for some people, but it would have improved the book for me.

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So to sum up, funny, but could be dull at times, and I don't think I'll ever read it again. Jan 02, Dane Cobain rated it really liked it. Here's a little-known fact - I appeared on Pointless as a contestant, alongside my beautiful girlfriend Laura.

In fact, you can watch the episode on YouTube over here, and this book was given to me by Laura as a Christmas present! Now you know. Now that that's out of the way, let's take a look at the book - as its title suggests, it's a collection of different things which are completely and utterly pointless. And we're not talking 'pointless' in the 'obscure' sense of the word, like you migh Here's a little-known fact - I appeared on Pointless as a contestant, alongside my beautiful girlfriend Laura.

And we're not talking 'pointless' in the 'obscure' sense of the word, like you might be used to from the show - we're talking about stuff that's actually pointless, like the introductions to books and miniature vegetables. Sure, some of the choices are controversial to say the least, and you might not always agree with the authors' points of view, but if you take it too seriously then you're a fool in the first place. Even the two authors don't take it too seriously - they make jokes about the fact that you probably received the book as a Christmas present and only read it on the toilet, which is presumably true in the majority of cases.

And if you're only a fan of Pointless for the trivia and the questions, that's fine too - in fact, the book includes a number of trivia questions to test you on the topics that are covered, like the traditional gifts for different wedding anniversaries. Simply decide upon your answers, then flick to the back of the book to see if you were right and, if so, whether it's a Pointless answer.

If you're a fan of the show, you'll love this book - if not, you'll be converted! The Most Pointless Things In The World is a quirky coffee table book which takes a closer look at some of the everyday things the duo would deem pointless.


In addition there are also quiz questions, anagrams and facts dotted throughout with the answers all available in a section at the back of the book to keep fans of the show on their toes whilst reading. Jan 17, Dave rated it liked it Shelves: humour. A good bit of fun, exactly what you'd expect from Armstrong and Osmond.

Entertaining and informing all the way with a good dash of humour thrown in, and some tricky little quizzes and puzzles to play with. Books like this after never going to be compelling "must-reads" but it's certainly enjoyable. A perfect piece of literary light entertainment. Apr 26, Frances Sawaya rated it really liked it. Love the two hosts on "Pointless" and enjoyed this collection. Much of the show's appeal rests on the spontaneous exchanges and friendship of Richard and Xander; that spirit was hard to capture in book form. Many engaging topics and pointless details, however, make it an entertaining read.

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Enjoyed the quizzes. Sep 11, Tara Calaby rated it really liked it Shelves: tv-tie-in , humour , own , lists. Editorial Reviews. The must-have present. This was a lot more amusing and interesting than I was expecting. Could've done without all of Richard's anagrams heh but otherwise, his were the numbers that I most enjoyed.

Funny, given that Xander's the one who's the comedian. I bought this because I love the show, but it was actually a good read regardless of Pointless obsession :D. May 18, Samantha Adalia rated it really liked it.

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All I can say is… Central African Republic. And Ghostbusters. Plus I had an opportunity to write my number on the first page and lend this to some bespectacled tall hot dude because he was trying to buy the book on a fair where I got it but I didn't take the chance it would be pointless anyway, he was eight years older than me.

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Apr 24, Joanne Wood rated it really liked it. Ok, despite the fact that number 19 in this list is online reviews, I shall write a brief one anyway.


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