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Europeans migrated to Asia to alleviate demographic and economic pressures at home. To consolidate colonial control, the colonizers imposed a 'modern' form of education.

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This is where the thought of Jose Rizal Mercado enlightens. Spanish colonialism had tethered the idea of a progressive Filipino society to the exploitative structures of the colonial state and its ideological handmaiden, the Church. A mestizo of Indio and Chinese parentage, Rizal combined within him 'middle class' privileges compounded by the social tragedy of being born a colonial subject. In his political pamphlets, Rizal underscored Spain's destruction of Filipino traditions, especially poetry, songs, and laws. Spanish colonialism rendered anything 'foreign and incomprehensible' as inherently superior.

In short, she is planning to profoundly alienate key industries and trading partners to score populist popularity points. The House of Commons voted recently to give itself as little power as possible to reject whatever terms Mrs.


May eventually puts to it, a bizarre move for a legislative body in an apparently functioning liberal democracy. Brexit is rooted in imperial nostalgia and myths of British exceptionalism, coming up as they have — especially since — against the reality that Britain is no longer a major world power.

This is evident in Mrs.

From the mids, tropes such as the titular wartime posters, alongside a rediscovered love for old-timey delicacies like tea, cupcakes and gin, offered a retreat from a world made freshly hostile to the middle class by the global financial crisis. These tropes abide today — but they have ceased acting merely as a shelter, for those who live surrounded by them, against politics. They have now become an active, transformative political force. Or that, when it was all done and the British were erratically carving up their empire into new nations, imperial officials attempted to obliterate the truth of what had happened during empire through the systematic destruction and burning of official documents.

In Delhi, this destruction went on for so long that the smoke from the fires hung above the Indian capital. When a conversation about the British Empire does happen, it is so often defensive or triumphalist. He is, as Shashi Tharoor puts it, a "booster for empire". His sophisticated flag-waving comforts readers who don't seem to be able to handle the idea that the country they are from is not percent awesome. This guilt is paralysing.

Sprachman on Axworthy, 'A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind' | H-Asia | H-Net

Paul Gilroy points out that Freud associates guilt with melancholia, which the psychoanalyst described as a shameless condition, one that relates to the passing of something that cannot be fully understood and thus does not lead to positive change. Melancholia is related to mourning — the loss of empire is painful but it cannot be processed because, as Gilroy says, "Britain might learn too many uncomfortable truths about its history if it was known and considered".

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In Warsaw, in , then German chancellor Willy Brandt joined a commemoration to the Jewish victims of the Warsaw Ghetto, dropping to his knees in an act of humility and penance. As a socialist, Brandt had been an enemy of Nazi Germany and had been imprisoned for his political activity. He bore no personal responsibility for that government's crimes, but he recognised that as his country's leading representative, he could do something, and that, as he wrote in his autobiography, he was, "Carrying the burden of the millions who were murdered.

Post-Brexit, Fox is now a cabinet minister, in charge of international trade — hardly the place you want an empire booster.

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This gung-ho attitude to empire has spread much further than the corridors of power. Its legacy is still all around us. There is already a Plantation Bar and Grill , though. It sells "unbelievable American soul food" and features "distressed wood". It has a "Philosophy" section on its website.

Sprachman on Axworthy, 'A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind'

It's in Wigan. In , the British Nationality Act established the principle of "Civis Britannicus Sum": that anyone born in the empire had the rights of British citizenship.

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As a result, former subjects of the British Empire came to the motherland as supposedly equal citizens. To challenge this lack of public education, Jeremy Corbyn has said that the British Empire should be taught in schools, and various alternative groups are setting out to raise the public's awareness of Britain's colonial legacy.