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As you can see in the color scheme, a score between 0. The magnitude tells you how strong the detected mood is.

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The value can reach from 0. So, how can we make use of this feature?

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In my example, I am analyzing incoming chat messages from users on WhatsApp. This is useful if you are for example providing customer service via the WhatsApp Business API and want to know how the mood of your customers is. Here you can see how we are using it at MessengerPeople :. So, if you are thrilled now, I will show you how to implement that feature.

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You can try the command line version first if you like. However, in my example, I will show you how to use the PHP client library.

Please note, that I will only give you some quick examples. This is no production-ready code!

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First, install the PHP client library in your project:. Now I can make use of the methods of the client in my own function:.

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In my tests I had problems with the environment variable , that is why I used the other method of providing the key as a parameter. The response of the sentiment analysis looks like this:.

They got it confused Back in my bag, I will not lose If you in the way, then you gotta move I'm not in the mood I'm not in the mood [Verse 2] Sick with the views, you would think I was Drake [? Won't be takin' no break Look I came here to chill, do not wanna be cool I'on wanna be friends, know you watchin' my move Youngin's say I got drip, nuff to fill up a pool I'ma do what I want, all this money a fool I am the king, better get it correct I ain't come here to play, came to fuck up a check Ain't no ridin' my wave, tell them niggas to walk They all in they feelings, I hear all the talk [Chorus] Get out my face, I'm not in the mood You realer than me?

They got it confused Back in my bag, I will not lose If you in the way, then you gotta move I'm not in the mood I'm not in the mood. We'll have things fixed soon.

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