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Change search. Destination, property, or landmark. Check in. Check out. Children 0 1 2 3 Age at check in: Child 1: -? Luna Nova, Cannes. Check Rate. Apartment, 2 Bedrooms - Guest Room. Apartment, 2 Bedrooms - Living Room. Apartment, 2 Bedrooms - In-Room Kitchen. Apartment, 2 Bedrooms - Bathroom. Apartment, 2 Bedrooms - In-Room Dining. Apartment, 2 Bedrooms - Bathroom Sink.

Michael's Ley Line, and the school has its own Ley Line Terminal that facilitates the entrance and exit of the school through the Ley Line to the town of Glastonbury. The campus consists of the main hall, which is a large castle located next to the New Moon Tower, where the Sorcerer's Stone is located, which absorbs the magical energy of the Ley Line and allows students and teachers to use their magic freely.

Under the tower is a deep labyrinth where treasures and monsters are stored and under its chapel is the entrance to the Blue Moon Abyss. Croix's laboratory was later established in the tower. The outskirts of Luna Nova are surrounded by the Arcturus Forest and mountains. In addition to dormitories and classrooms, the campus features sands for sports and flying broom practices, a clock tower, a large lake, a botanical garden, a courtyard, a library , a cafeteria, an auditorium, an observation tower, an aviary and a pet graveyard.

There is also the entrance to the Fountain of Polaris , inside the north building.

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The Luna Nova's Reference Archives are in an external section and a special permit is required for access. Luna Nova Academy was founded in the 5th century by the great Nine Olde Witches and it has a history of about years. With the end of the Great Age of Magic , witches had lost their place in the world, but when the Nine Olde Witches managed to restore the glory of magic, they decided to create Luna Nova to return the witchcraft to its place of prestige.

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At its opening year , there were around students, which were guided by Woodward. The building was considered a masterpiece at that time. The Samhain Festival took place since the first year of opening. During the Witch Hunts in the 16th century , Luna Nova was forced to close because of the persecutions.

The school was burned and abandoned for years. However, in the 18th century , the great witches Woodward and Jennifer reconstructed it. This was the first step in the new era of withcraft, the Golden Age of Magic , in which Luna Nova lives an era of glory. In the present period of science and technology, witchcraft has ceased to be perceived as a practical art, and instead as a relic of the past doomed to obsolescence.

Magic around the world continues to weaken, and the number of witches decreases more and more. This of course, affected the school that it suffer economic difficulties. Fortunately, the school, along with witches and the rest of people of magical world, were saved from obsolence thanks to the joint effort of Atsuko Kagari and her fellow New Nine Witches who harnessed the power of Grand Triskellion which, combined with humanity's believing hearts united to support the witches' success that became a new Yggdrasil, restoring the Cosmic Tree's infinite magic to the world. The academy is run by the Headmistress Holbrooke , while the faculty is composed of many teachers, each dedicated to a specific subjects.

Regular teachers only takes care of a single subject of their specialty field, while more experienced senior teachers tend to impart multiple subjects. Special classes are held to test students' learning, given by any teacher. The course in the academy is composed of three years of three semesters each, in each one the students must attend a series of obligatory subjects and optional subjects. Normally, students need to take 7 subjects per year, 5 obligatory and 2 optional, but students who took and pass 10 subjects in total of 5 obligatory and 5 optional, can obtain scolarships and become special students.

History of Magic is dedicated to teaching about the origin and basic foundations of magic, seeking students to learn about the theoretical basis of the use of magic as well as important events in the history of witches. Crosstown Arts Event creator. Following Follow. Events you might like:. Music Performance. Share this event. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in.

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