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The title had November in it.

Its about a rich family at a dinner table with other rich families discussing boat racing and how they lost. The kitchens odd job man says he has a plan and tries to discuss it with the father of the family. The kitchen odd jobs man falls in love with one of the daughters Lorna. Lorna also falls in love with the kitchen odd jobs man.

There are 2 aunts, 1 son, twin girls and Lorna. One of the aunts names was Heniretta. It was a romance book. Pls help me find this book as it was a nice book to read. November of the Heart Submitted by Norm S. I once read a book about a female that was hired to protect by a man's father.

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Who suspected that his son was escaping near misses from assination attemps. She was hired in secret. I believe it starts of with the son seeing someone following him to his house when he gets paranoud he runs the bike of the road, then realizrs its just a woman eho claims to have rented the only other housr near his. He apologizes not knowung she is actually his bodyguard.

I've been on a kick lately about rereading books I read in high school. There are two books I'm looking for or maybe it's just one, I'm really not sure. The first one, is a young adult but all I really remember is the main character is a chick, but the guy in the book wears a pink shirt, cammo shorts, and combat boots.

I read it between , it was a new book in my school library The other one is also a young adult book, the book cover has a girl with short purple or blue hair that covers her eyes and she's wearing lipstick. I think the title to this book was just one word ex: Lips, Eyes. Also read this between I don't know if these are two different books or the same book; I also think the second book I described is part of a series.

Thank you for any help you can give me. I have read book where boy Submitted by Ch not verified on October 7, - am. I have read book where boy exchange its body with a dark and he try to tell others doesnt anyone know the name. There is this girl who was Submitted by Madhu not verified on October 7, - pm. There is this girl who was sold by her brother to his friend. That guy he tries to take her virginity but as the girl won't allow him then he make her fall in love with him and take her virginity then throws her out of his life..

LOOKING for this novel called the English written by two authors the hard cover is a bed sheet always with a british flag with a couple on the British flag sheet on the bed.. The English boasted at the beginning of the novel and how it sends some to Africa to expand british Empire.. Book i read awhile ago Submitted by Kallie delucia not verified on October 8, - am. Ughhh it was such a good book! Can't remember name of book read in the s Submitted by Mikeike not verified on October 8, - am. Can't remember book name. Its about this girl who moves with her mother or grandmother.

Whom she falls in love with or befriends and towards the end of the book the boy remembers he drowned in a pond or body of water. Please help me the title of this book Submitted by Johanna not verified on October 8, - am. I once started reading a book but i misplaced it,i was really loving it though,The book started off with a girl stealing I am not sure if its a phone or a bag from a guy, but when the girl ran like few feet away to hide or something,the bag just busted into flames I know that I am not really giving away anything but please help me find it.

I do not remember neither the Submitted by Elena not verified on October 8, - am.

Much more than documents.

I do not remember neither the name or the author. But the book started with something like the sounds of the beating heart and: "He decided to go 5 miles, and 5 miles was what he would do". It was about a boy who was doing running, and was kidnapped. I read it as a young teenager. Please help this is haunting me. It was something I read around 5 to 6 years ago.

It was a book about an expedition to the Mount Everest by a boy and his mom I think where they meet a local tribe. The expedition was initially to prove the existence of yeti. But as they try to find the princess they find a group of creatures almost like humans but nothing like them at the same time. They have been keeping the princess in capture.

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In the end, all I remember is they rescue the princess and make a rope out of their hair. I hope someone helps me find this. It could be though. Please help Submitted by Crown Agabi not verified on October 8, - pm.

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I am looking for a book Submitted by margret not verified on October 9, - am. I am looking for a book about a young man who is dared to live on a isolated island for one year. I think it's an old book. I have been looking all over for this but can't seem to find it. Does anyone remember what this book is called? Not sure that's the one you're looking for, but does it have a tragical ending and is it quite old as in, maybe ''80s old? If so I read it too but I can't remember the full title. I believe it begins with "the year of" though. Hope you find it! Help me find this book Submitted by Emma Kate not verified on October 10, - pm.

I read this book years ago and can't remember the name. It's centered in a small religious town. The main character is apart of the choir and has a crush on a boy. I think he was ginger. His little sister is kidnapped and he is under question.

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The main character helps to find out more about the girl's disappearance, knowing her brother isn't behind her disappearance. I know her family is dysfunctional and i think it was her mom who stays in a facility. I don't remember much else.

Okay so this is an old book.