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Talk Dirty feat. Jason Derulo Length : Writer: E. Jason, haha Jason Derulo Get jazzy on 'em, I'm that flight that you get on, international First class seat on my lap girl, riding comfortable 'Cause I know what the girl them need, New York to Haiti I got lipstick stamps on my passport, make it hard to leave Been around the world, don't speak the language But your booty don't need explaining All I really need to understand is Will you talk dirty to me? Dos Cadenas, close to genius Sold out arenas, you can suck my penis Get with arenas, guns on deck Deck Chest to chest, tongue on neck Neck International oral sex Every picture I take, I pose a threat Boat or jet, what do you expect?

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This emotional connection—perpetuated minute to minute on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook—flows upstream as well as down. Nasty loves its girls, and girls—at last count, , visitors per month—love their Nasty. Increasingly, though, it's not just "gals" who are idolizing the company's face and founder, year-old Sophia Amoruso.

With minimal advertising and, until last year, no outside investment, Amoruso turned a vintage stall that she founded on eBay with a couple hundred bucks in into a employee empire selling a vast mix of vintage and contemporary clothes. As of this fall, Nasty also boasts an in-house label, Nasty Gal Collection; a range of denim including its inaugural high-waisted style, known as the Kink ; and—in the ultimate example of media aging backward—a print magazine, Super Nasty.

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When Inc. In the world of fast fashion, of course, that's still small potatoes.

But Nasty Gal is succeeding in the very niche where many brick-and-mortar monoliths falter. For the Gen-Y consumer born between roughly and —also known as Millennials, Generation We, Generation Next, the Net Generation, and, according to Wikipedia, something called Echo Boomers—"the whole culture is about transparency and honesty, and identifying with real individuals that you relate to.

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She just is one. Still, on the kind of scorching New York summer morning that seems to liquefy all ambition, not to mention eye makeup, Amoruso picks at a croissant with her fingers and declares, in the opening salvo of this interview, that she's "not really a career person. Amoruso radiates the kind of cool that should be intimidating, except for the fact that she insists on being anything but. This persona extends to the grinning, bedheaded models on her site, who display her wares with a kind of carefree, loose-limbed sex appeal, as if they just tumbled in from Coachella and decided to take some pictures for the fun of it.

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The mood on Nasty Gal is surprisingly un-nasty. In this all-girls club, everyone is welcome to join. Bitchy is not on-brand. The original motivation for Nasty Gal was merely to get Amoruso out of having to work for anyone else—which is not to say she didn't want to work. Having sold shoes, worked in photo labs, checked student IDs at an art school, and, for a week at least, scrubbed ring-around-the-collar off of men's shirts at a dry cleaner, she was living in San Francisco and in between jobs, she says, when "I thought, Whoa, I'm going to try to sell stuff on eBay, like every other girl who tries to do that around that age.

Nasty Gal Vintage started as a one-woman operation: Amoruso scoured Goodwill, then styled and photographed her finds on a cadre of friends and girls scouted on MySpace.

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Throughout the first year, her models posed in front of her aunt's blue garage door. Maluma Fire feat.

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