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Eventually, Arthur learns that Mrs Drablow had a sister, Jennet Humfrye who, because of her status of an unmarried woman, had to give the child up. Alice Drablow and her husband adopted the boy and kept him away from his real mother. When Jennet came back to Crythin Gifford, Alice only allowed her to see the boy occasionally.

Lady of the Reeds and Marshes (Civ6)

Jennet, then, decided to leave with her son but an awful tragedy happened: the boy, his nursemaid and pony trap driver drowned in the marshes as Jennet was watching. Whenever she left Eel Marsh House and went to the town, people looked away and children got scared. Shortly after Jennet died, full of hatred and sadness, the sighting and hauntings began.

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She has been seen now and then, and when she is seen — a child dies in a gruesome and horrible way. A year goes by, their son is born, and the woman in black is an old memory. The happy family goes to the park, where Stella and little Joseph ride pony and trap. The boy is dead, Stella dies shortly after, and the woman in black disappears.

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Two years later, however, in January the play moved to London and it is the one of the longest running non-musical stage works in West End. It is a minimalistic staging, during its 1. Leaving a dark theatre after the final sighting of the woman is not easy; most viewers are amazed and still slightly in shock. Audiences do return to Eel Marsh House, though. The third time the story is revisited is in the eerie television film. The chilling adaption has all the visual elements of a classic ghost story should have: an old and dark mansion, suspicious and rather unfriendly townsfolk, and, of course, a terrifying ghost.

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This film adaptation gets rid of the original beginning we know from the novel, jumping straight to the young Kipps and his boss. The film was directed by Herbert Wise and based on the script written, allegedly in 10 days, by the great Nigel Kneale.

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Apart from skipping the original intro, they also added electricity and a sound recording machine. Pauline Moran as the woman in black gives the performance so scary it lingers after the film has finished. Few years went by and The Woman in Black was adapted into chilling radio plays.

Eel Marsh House returns again in with a feature length film from the revitalised Hammer starring Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps. Hammer took a more gruesome and graphic take on the source material. The beginning is eerie; three little girls are playing with their dolls and having a little cup of tea, then suddenly they get up and jump out of the window, as creepy toybox music plays in the background. Hammer added yet more grisliness and spectacle: one child is nearly killed by the wood on the trolley, and other spits mouthfuls of blood.

Another is burnt alive.

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The haunted mansion is more vivid; as beautiful as it is creepy. Alejandro M. In fact, this painting is a replica of the one of her husband, but in female code, which provides valuable information about what the perfect condition for a traditional and domestic woman was supposed to be. The interior spaces are used to define a certain socially and historically accepted female model belonging to bourgeois society. The lady is wearing a very diaphanous and gathered white chiffon dress and holds a closed fan in her right hand while she is sitting in front of a lovely mahogany dressing table in Empire Style.

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