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I don't know. Not a lot of people know I don't know that, but I don't. An old-fashioned father, looking and sounding suspiciously like Enfield's own , who struggles to accept his son's homosexuality. While he does make a genuine effort, he often makes tactless remarks and Freudian slips "Make yourself at homo For example, going up to a pink Fiat Panda that he assumed was his son's car or ordering Babycham at the local pub. As the series progresses, the son becomes increasingly frustrated by his father's behaviour around his boyfriend.

The boyfriend's name is "Shaun", though this was only revealed for the purposes of a joke acknowledging that the role had been recast. Shaun is played by Ewen Bremner is several episodes. A snobbish, upper-crust s newsreel presenter played by Jon Glover. In the second series this gave way to a series of public information films that would advise, amongst other things, that women refrain from driving and participating in complex conversations as this would lead to insanity or that babies be given gin to ensure a good night's sleep.

The characters also appeared in a series of TV adverts for Mercury Communications. The sketch Women: Know Your Limits! Some other sketches within the show also use the s newsreel format, but are not connected to any specific character.

An infuriating know-it-all father who advised various people with both household tasks and diverse jobs, such as a football pundit. This was Enfield's take on the traditional "mother-in-law" stereotype. His catchphrase, on encountering someone, or entering a room is "Only me! An obnoxious pair of old men who take great delight in persecuting younger people — although they do branch out by being cruel to other groups of people, so as not to discriminate.

However, in the case of one of their more famous sketches, Alf Git finds his childhood sweetheart, showing that he once had a kinder side.

THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

A superhero team who are forced to encounter everyday problems such as opening a bank account. Their members are "Law Man" Wielder of the mighty sword of Dobber , "Fire Man" Whose fiery balls of fire can start fires played by Nathaniel Parker , " Kometh the Ice Man" and Apparently the most powerful of all "She Woman Cat Type Thing" - who has the superpower of regurgitating fur balls - celebrated by the others as "her amazing regurgitative powers".

They often say such things as "Dey do dough, don't dey dough" They do though, don't they though , and "Alright! Calm down, calm down", which is what one of them says when the other two start arguing. Frank and George Doberman are a pair of opinionated, middle-aged men who spend their time in the pub discussing celebrities they admire. Most are only referred by their surnames, or outrageous alternative names. They describe a kind gesture they would make to the celebrity if they ever met, but then get distracted by an implausible, hypothetical situation and become irate by their own story.

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George's temper never reaches the same level as Frank's, but as the series progresses, George becomes increasingly strained by Frank's behavior. Another recurring joke is that both men believe Frank's son may be homosexual, but they avoid discussing it because Frank hasn't yet come to terms with it. The character was based on a neighbour in a block of flats that Enfield lived in at the time who would insist on deliberately addressing him by his surname.

It is believed that the characters were based primarily on Mike Read , Simon Bates and Tony Blackburn , though other then-current DJs such as Alan Freeman were also believed to have influenced the writers. Each skit would feature the pair's love of " You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet " by Bachman—Turner Overdrive , seemingly the only record they ever played — although they were shown playing other records at the introduction of several sketches.

The pair would also try to outdo each other with deliberate mentions of charidee charity work for which the pair would ostensibly claim to be keeping hush-hush. The two, particularly Smashie, briefly appeared in a series of TV commercials for Fab ice-cream lollies. An affluent couple who spoke with exaggerated Brummie accents and were forever informing people that "We are considerably richer than yow!

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Unfortunately, Stan's determination to show off his wealth is matched by his fury when he comes across someone 'considerably' richer than him, such as when they try to boast while on holiday to a scruffily-dressed man who turns out to own the hotel they're staying in or when their in-laws win the lottery and become multi-millionaires. An upper-class twit who is usually being ripped off by one of his 'jolly nice' prep-school chums.

He is an exaggerated version of "posh" yet pleasant and stupid people that Enfield knew. He is a fictional Old Ardinian with an eccentric public school-influenced dress sense involving jeans and a school blazer worn over a striped rugby shirt. They wrote the character as an antidote to contemporary portrayals of ex-public schoolboys as sharp-minded, high-achieving young men, and instead chose to base the character on former school contemporaries who had plenty of money and good manners but were light of intellect. Tim's catchphrase is "What an absolutely, thoroughly, bloody nice bloke!

The character appeared in TV adverts promoting British meat in the late s and early s. The adverts were pulled because of the foot-and-mouth crisis.

2. What does the projected natural increase in temperature mean for the environment and people?

He represents a city banker and it is revealed that Adam Jarvis is his brother. Tim has many things in common with Prince Charles, and was briefly engaged to a woman with a similar personality who has a strong resemblance to Diana Windsor. However, neither character was meant to be a direct parody.

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A repulsive thirteen-year-old with glaringly out-of-date ideas about the world, based on a cross between a snobbish, unpopular boy who went to school with Enfield, and a younger version of William Hague. Enfield also claimed to have mixed more recent Conservative politicians such as Michael Howard and Michael Portillo together in the character, on the allegation that they were "Tory Boys who have never grown up.

Varok came to agree with Sylvanas' sound reasoning, but still could not fathom what strategy would be effective enough to sack Stormwind when they lack the logistics to maintain an invasion. Sylvanas led Varok to the realization that the war with the Burning Legion had weakened both factions' navies and the deterrence of swift reprisal that enforced the stalemate between the Horde and Alliance was no longer feasible. With both the Alliance and Horde's navies diminished, they would be unable to transport troops and thus would be slow to project military power to reinforce distant warfronts.

With such a weakness, the Horde could secure Kalimdor. Darnassus , the center of Alliance military power in Kalimdor, would be a feasible target to conquer; especially if the Horde took the Alliance by surprise. The cost however, would be that their holdings in the Eastern Kingdoms would likely be susceptible to reprisal, especially Sylvanas' own capital, the Undercity. Sylvanas, however, proposed to politically divide the Alliance by baiting the night elves into demanding the Alliance prioritize the retaking of their homeland and thus dividing the Alliance's forces.

The Alliance would lack the fleet nor the strength to retake Kalimdor and thus weaken or become politically fractured. Furthermore, holding Darnassus hostage would paralyze the Alliance from counterattacking as the night elves would not stand for their city being annihilated and thus create a divide between them and the Gilneans, who had lost their nation years ago and were not prioritized for military aid on that warfront either.

The Storm Before My Calm: Class of 98 forever

With such a political crisis, Anduin Wrynn would not be able to act and each Alliance nation will act in its own interest to defend themselves from a unified Horde. Varok came to the realization that was how they intended to defeat Stormwind, by politically carving each individual nation away from the Alliance and then dominating them into a surrender. However, Sylvanas was well aware that they can only divide the Alliance if the war to conquer Darnassus does not unite the Alliance against the Horde. That can only happen if the Horde wins in an honorable victory, which Sylvanas knows the Horde doesn't trust her to do.

Thus, Sylvanas has authorized Saurfang to create the battle plans and execute their strategy. To lure out the Alliance from Ashenvale , Sylvanas suggested duping the Alliance spies into believing a false narrative. Thus, Varok began planting misinformation and acting out an adversarial relationship with Sylvanas and Nathanos to make it seem as if he was priming the Horde to monopolize the Azerite in Silithus and was also bullying Sylvanas into endorsing his campaign.

The Alliance took the bait; fearing the Horde was proliferating Azerite weapons, they sent a sizable night elf fleet to Silithus as deterrence. Tyrande Whisperwind traveled to Stormwind City to help the Alliance leadership plan the war, leaving only Malfurion Stormrage and his skeleton crew of night elf defenders for the Horde to contend with. Although Sylvanas' advisers saw this as a boon, Sylvanas seemed quite annoyed that only one night elf leader would fall in the invasion. To scare the night elves into surrendering without creating a unifying atrocity for the Alliance to rally to, Varok suggested they bring many siege weapons with them.

That way, the threat of raining death on Darnassus with impunity would deter the night elves in the city from resisting. Sylvanas sought to capture the world tree Teldrassil because the Alliance would use it as a safe harbor to transport Azerite from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms, and she expected that Azerite to be used for weapons to attack Silvermoon and Undercity, and then turn to Kalimdor. By occupying Darnassus the Horde could control the flow of Azerite and the Alliance would not attack the city for fear of hurting the civilians. Knowing the night elves would resist them every step of the way, she also sought to kill Malfurion Stormrage and break their spirits.

Sylvanas clashed with Malfurion twice — once, when she interrupted a fight between Malfurion and Lorash Sunbeam and another when Sylvanas attacked Malfurion when he had trapped Varok Saurfang in Astranaar. Despite her efforts, Malfurion had managed to elude her. As Sylvanas hunted Malfurion, she could not help but muse that the war was turning the night elves cruel against the Horde but used their hatred in such pitiful ways.

Sylvanas contemplated that war was meant to transform civilizations into doing the unthinkable, and since Malfurion refused to change accordingly, she believed it will inevitably lead to his downfall. Sylvanas also pondered how Saurfang had been wounded by war but she believed he had fooled himself into believing his sense of honor would help him cope with it.

Saurfang would be a dangerous enemy to Sylvanas if his honor or the Horde would ever be taken from him, although she would prefer it if he'd just rid himself of such foolish notions such as honor and stand by her side regardless of the morality of her actions. Sylvanas knew if Saurfang refused to side with her, she'd have to kill him. After securing Ashenvale, the Horde turned its attention to Darkshore.

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When the Horde invaded Darkshore however, many of their men were incinerated by the wall of wisps Malfurion had erected. To compound to their troubles, the night elven fleet had returned and were aiding in the kaldorei defense. The night elves' defenses were enough to halt the Horde's advance, and Sylvanas and Saurfang knew they needed to act quickly before Stormwind 's reinforcements arrive to stop the invasion. Thus Sylvanas and Saurfang came up with a plan to divide the wisps' attention on multiple fronts, thus diminishing their effectiveness.